Le canfore" born from the will to offer a pleasant and calm place of stay, placed in one of the best archaeological and natural scenery around Rome. Via Appia Antica is very near, with its beautiful archaeological park. In 312 B.C. Roman Consul Appio Claudio gave his name to a new road that reached Campania region from Porta Capena. Along this very ancient road there are today some of the best rests of Imperial Rome, with all the natural beauty of Italian vegetation. Also the nearby Castelli Romani natural park is absolutely unique. Among the mammals you can find istrice (Italian porcupine), badgers, squirrels, dormice and the field mouse of Savi. The predaceous birds include the buzzard, the emery and Italian Sparviero. To allow you to enjoy to the best this background we have elegantly restructured an ancient Roman farmhouse and have provided the accomodations with all the Comforts: the management of our Agritourism is familiar, simple and sincere, but it makes an attempt on the tastes of the visitors.

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